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Frequently Asked Questions




Public adjusters are licensed and bonded, and are the only type of adjusters who work exclusively for the policyholder (you). Typically, policyholders hire public adjusters to document their claim, and relieve them of the time-consuming process of dealing with the insurance companies, so they can focus their time on regaining normalcy in their lives.

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

Would you go to court without an attorney? Would you allow the IRS to file your taxes? When a disaster occurs, the insurance company has their team of professionals representing their interests. You can protect yourself by retaining a public adjuster whose sole responsibility is to protect your interests. 

When should I hire a public adjuster?

The earlier you hire a public adjuster in the claim process, the better off you will be. What you say to your insurance adjuster early in the claim process can make a dramatic difference in the insurance settlement you receive. Statistics show that you will almost always receive a higher settlement from your insurance company by hiring a public adjuster rather than doing it alone. Keep in mind the burden of proof to prove and document your damages is on you, the insured. 

What is the cost to hire a public adjuster?

Usually the fee is a small percentage of the settlement. The fees are minimal in relation to the claim settlement. The fee can be looked at as an investment given the better settlement our experts can achieve, plus the time, frustration and anxiety we can save you.